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Since the company’s inception in 1999, we have offered a range of services, including punching and processing of iron cores for motors and generators, and production of aircraft parts using 5-axis CNC lathes and other state-of-the-art devices at our machining center. Our strength is our ultra-precise processing technology, which enables us to fill a broad spectrum of orders from high-mix low-volume to mass-production. Moving forward, our multi-unit CNC compound machines and CAD/CAM capabilities will enable us to provide 5-axis machining of even the most testing materials.

JIS Q 9100

Approach to Quality
We have always managed to sustain a high level of craftsmanship by maintaining high-precision presses and machining technologies. Our long-standing devotion to satisfying our customers’ requirements and keeping our position of trust and integrity in the community is encapsulated in our Approach to Quality.

  1. We bring innovative ways of thinking to customers’ needs, and focus on making products that satisfy their requirements.
  2. We value good faith and integrity at all times, and comply with all applicable laws and regulations.
  3. We encourage the sharing of information among organizations, and continually strive to improve our technical capacity and reliability.
  4. We will establish quality targets in line with our Approach to Quality, and every employee will participate in a concerted effort to achieve them.
  5. We actively pursue cleanliness, tidiness, hygiene, order, and discipline.

JIS Q 9100 certified

Name PN Kiden Co., Ltd.
Certificated No. JQA-AS0266
Registration Date July 2, 2021
Expiry Date July 1, 2024
Applies to Machining of metal parts (i.e. Bushings and Sleeves) for the aircraft industry.

JIS Q 9100 :2016 is technically equivalent to AS9100D and EN9100:2018.


  • From Nagasaki Airport, take the ferry to Togitsu Port (takes approx. 20 mins.)
    From there, take a taxi (approx. 5 mins.) or walk (approx. 20 mins.)
  • From JR Nagasaki Station, take a taxi (approx. 30 mins.)
  • Approx. 2 mins’ walk from the Kanahori Danchi bus stop on the Nagasaki Bus line.

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